My Vision


May all of us remember who we are and fulfil our greatest potentials.

Many of us were born highly sensitive. We are able to feel the emotions, pain and fear of others with much more intensity. We are quick to compromise our own well-being to make sure other people feel good. We suppress our feelings because we feel responsible of taking care of someone else’s needs or simply because we do not want to trouble other with our own problems. Does this sound familiar? 


My Story


I grew up, like most people, in a family where they loved me the best way they knew how to. I was brought up to obey, behave, stay polite, study hard, work hard, marry and do what a woman should- raise children and take care of everyone in the family. I made sure I behaved the way that pleased my family, relatives, classmates, friends, co-workers, strangers, boyfriends and (ex-)husband. I was always pleasant, quite, blended in, and did not demand attention but give attention to people around me. 

For many years I worked long hours and prioritised work before everything in my life. I went through burn-out, my heart broke from divorce and I never slept without anxiety. All the while, I believed I was fine. I was optimistic. I got a good job and good friends. I travelled a lot and sought meaning from anything outside of myself. One just had to keep going, they say! Not until 2016, I had my first Past Life Regression Therapy for my decade-long Anxiety. It was to treat my sleep but a new world opened up! I experienced its power and impact. It set me off on an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing. 

It takes courage to confront what shaped us even when they are those moments that shut us down, left us out, scared us off, rejected us. I saw myself cast in layers and layers of limiting beliefs from family, conditioning from culture and programming from the Mass. I developed mechanism unconscious to myself from past hurts, rejection and negative encounters. I thought I was perfectly ok until I became aware of what happened underneath my worry, fear, anxiety, anger, shame, frustration and powerlessness, which exist in all of us completely normal. Only when we become aware of what has been holding us back, making us feel small can we start to heal and transform it. Then we are able to get out of the triggers that got us in loops of emotions and events in life.

Everything that has happened served its purpose to shape who we are! Through this on-going journey of release and transformation, I came to understand I am an Empath and how being so empathic is actually a gift. I also discovered my ability to heal. I came to chip away many layers of programming. I was able to breathe freedom I never knew existed- Freedom to be authentic, confidence to just BE without worry, guilt, shame and fear, and know each of us come here to express our notes of music, colors of painting, shapes of sculpture. We each have our unique talents and gifts to fulfil our destiny. Our job is to uncover them and learn how to master them! I found mine. I hope you soon will.

Humbly I invite you to embark on this empowering journey to Freedom, to free yourself up, seek your own meaning of life and purpose. Give yourself permission to let go of all the old stories and what no longer serves you. Empower yourself to transform into whom you came here to be. 


May you live happy and free. 


With Cosmic Love,



My qualifications:

*Certified International Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Current Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Spirit Release, Space Clearing, Land healing, Ancestral Healing

*Certified International Transpersonal Crystal Healing




Mobile: 0172 715 6386