"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." 

Carl Jung



Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy is viewed one of the most powerful holistic healing modalities that helps people transform the patterns, be it behavioural, emotional, psychological or psychosomatic symptoms. It goes straight to the source and heal the root cause of the issue. For many it is the childhood, the moment in Womb or a different life time. The journey assists people to gain insight and clarity. And by healing the root cause, one is empowered and able to shift the perspective and the energy in daily life. The effect often results in improvement or disappearing of the symptoms, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. By offloading all the burdens from the past and the old story we keep telling ourselves in our head, we are able to unshackle and free ourselves up! We are thus able to move forward to create new stories- stories that our heart so desires to create, be it a life of Joy, Peace, Love and Abundance or simply the freedom to be & express who we truly are, to fulfil our life purpose.

Who is it for?

If you are feeling stuck 

If you are suffering from intense emotions: phobia, fear, sadness, guilt, anger, shame, loneliness, hopelessness

If you are suffering from repeating patterns of negative life events or abuse: physical (eating disorder, I.e.), emotional, financial, spiritual

If you are experiencing unexplainable physical psychosomatic pains* 


Do I have to believe in Past Life?

Not at all. One does not have to believe in Past life for this therapy to work. We work with subconscious mind that restores all the data and information you have lived 24/7. You could look at the journey as the metaphor that your subconscious mind creates to help you gain clarity.

Will I lose control?

No, you will not lose control. On the contrary, you will be fully aware of what is happening around you. The state you will be in is light trance. It is a state like when you are daydreaming or reading a novel. You will also have the power and consciousness to converse with me.

Why do I want to go back to past memories?

We are the sum total of all that we went through. The challenges we experienced in life shaped who we are today but they do not define us. We are so much more than what happened to us. We can turn what we consider negative moments into the nutrients that help us grow better, stronger, and wiser. But when we hold on to what happened so tightly, knowingly or unknowingly, we let the Past keep us in a loop. This loop/old story/Trigger keeps us in the past. By visiting the past, we are able to release the highly emotional charge that’s attached to that specific moment (root cause) that still dictate our reactions. Once we transform the past memory, we will have the freedom to move on, make conscious decisions and heal.


Through my journey I have had the honour and pleasure facilitating many to relieve the pain, shift their emotional state, gain strength, clarity, inner freedom and reclaim their own power. It is my belief that we all ought to enjoy our life, live happily and freely. My intention is to assist you to free yourself, let go of what no longer serves you, and to provide you with tools to recognize the powers within you, to empower you to create a life that your heart and soul so wish to live. 

The session usually lasts 2.5 to 3 hours including an initial conversation, relaxation and journey to the past, transformation and after-therapy integration. All information shared during session shall remain confidential.

In order to answer your questions and for us to get to know each other a bit, I offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation call. Together we decide on whether this is a suitable therapy for you. 

I am looking forward to embarking on this transformational journey to Freedom with you!


With Cosmic Love,





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for 2.5h 150€



*This does not replace proper medical doctor treatment.