I am originally from Spain and i'm living and working in Germany for several years. My spiritual journey began when I started to realise my job and way of living was not fulfilling my soul. I felt there was a missing piece in my life. In order to heal myself, I began to get deeper into Shamanism and Shamanic practises and fell in love with this path. 

I have been practising Shamanic Energy Healing for one year now and became a Reiki Master recently. I would like to create a beautiful community in Düsseldorf with people interested in similar practices and spiritual interests.


I'm running women circles regularly and offer other mixed group activities and privat appointments as well. 

I am specially motivated to work with women that want to get deeper into their femininity and reclaim their power back. In my women circles I incorporate different elements and rituals from Shamanism, traditions from Paganism and also old Witchcraft. I would like to encourage women to learn different technics to use in their daily life.


I also offer intimate appointments and small groups to work more closely with their bodies as a way of art, acceptance and freedom. 


“The most important message I want to share with women is about self love and get back to our true female magic. Women have been suppressed for so long in their sexuality, rights and freedom that we still carry a wound in our DNA through all our women ancestors. 

It is time for a deep healing and a new age to rediscover the lost Goddess principle of Nature as it was in its original form for humans and reconnect to our sacred femininity.”



You can follow my blog for women circles in Facebook & Instagram and get in touch with me: *Healers of Earth*. This name was inspired by the healing nature that all women have and the connection to mother Earth and her cycles, just as the body of a woman.




The community i'm building is called Shamanism Düsseldorf and you can find more information in Facebook

and Meet up.