Shamanic Women Circle

"Goddess Circle - Shamanic Sacred Journey"


mit Eli


 Neue Termine demnächst

(Eli bietet verschiedene Zeremonien und Veranstaltungen für Frauen an unterschiedlichen Orten an, wenn Du Interesse hast, kontaktiere sie gerne)


von 17.30 - 20.00 Uhr

There was a time on this Earth when God was a woman. She was worshiped above all divinities, and she was a universal figure among different cultures, countries and societies. She was known by many names and called in many ways in ancient texts. She was Isis in Egypt, Ishtar in Babylonia, Athar in Syria. She was Sophia among the gnostics, known as Gaia for the pagans, or Pachamama among shamans. 


There was a time when people worshiped the most beautiful thing that is or ever was. It was in this time when the Earth was known to be the Goddess itself and alive. 


With the later invasion of male-guided monotheistic religions, the ancient and true religion of the Earth slowly disappeared and was only practised in secret as it was considered a sin and persecuted. There was such a long and deep repression during the last 2.000years, that it almost got completely lost in our history...


Now is the time to remember who we really are. It is the time to reconnect to our roots and call the energy and magic of the Goddess again as it was in her original form🌺


The Goddess is the supreme symbol of the divine feminine represented on Earth. She is the Mother who nurtures her children and sacrifices herself for them. She is the Lover, in her pure sexuality and loving character; the Maiden who is the innocent and playful girl; the Huntress who pursuits her dreams and goals with determination. She is the Queen, the strong leader that rules the world; the Sage, who has pure knowledge and strategy. the Mystic, who heals the world with her infinite compassion.


I call my sisters out there for this circle, to remember Her power and reconnect to our inner Goddess.

∈ℓi❤︎ ∴∇ Healers of Earth ∆∵



Early Bird price: 25 Euro until Friday before the event. Later and cash 30 Euro.


Book spot: by PayPal (Elisa González Valle, or to


Included: all the materials for the circle, tea and snack. 


Place for 10-11 Goddesses


What to bring: pen and a journal, a special crystal or amulet if you wish. Most important: an open mind and heart!♥


Organiser and Contact: Eli Glezvalle , shamanic practitioner


Eli is specially motivated to work with women that want to get deeper into their femininity and reclaim their power back. In her women circles she incorporates different elements and rituals from Shamanism, traditions from Paganism and also old Witchcraft. She encourages women to learn different technics to use in their daily life and also offers intimate appointments and small groups to work more closely with their bodies as a way of art, acceptance and freedom🦋


Art: Phresha, Vibrational Undulations