Shamanic Women Circle



Women Circle & Intuitive Dance 


mit Eli


 Vorerst leider nicht mehr...


von 18.00 - 20.30 Uhr


The last 2 years have been a tough time for people to gather together and I have been asking myself many questions and going deep in my own emotional process to navigate this situation the best I could. 


Life can change so much from one day to another, and this is why is so important to live fully in the present moment.

To enjoy moment by moment, to work for your goals, to be completely aligned so that you can manifest the life you want. 


It is specially important during this time that women stay together and share their feelings and visions, as there were always the women who keep the community alive and together, there were the women who care about others, men and children. It was the female force the one that kept the mystical and spiritual purpose of humanity. 


It is the sacred Priestess the one that heal the Earth with her Body, Dance and Art. 


I invite you to a space where we can reconnect with our feminine essence through movement, dance, sharing emotions and nurturing each other as sisterhood. 


This is my last circle in Düsseldorf as I am moving out. If you want to participate in the online Temple, you are welcome to join the group and stay in touch. DM if you are interested. 


I would love to have you there , 


Eli 🌹


Limited Places! 


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33€ until 13th December 


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Organiser and Contact:

Eli Glezvalle , shamanic practitioner


Eli is specially motivated to work with women that want to get deeper into their femininity and reclaim their power back. In her women circles she incorporates different elements and rituals from Shamanism, traditions from Paganism and also old Witchcraft. She encourages women to learn different technics to use in their daily life and also offers intimate appointments and small groups to work more closely with their bodies as a way of art, acceptance and freedom🦋