Shamanic Women Circle


mit Eli


Sonntag, 15. März 2020


von 17.30 - 20.00 Uhr

Women and men have been gathering in circles since the humans could talk and communicate, as a natural ritual within communities for different purposes, many of them spiritual ones. At that time, the divinity that was honoured at the center of these ceremonies was feminine. The principle and nature of the Universe was considered feminine and women represented this divinity on Earth, as they could bring life into their world, same as humans came from the female force of the Universe🌺


Women in particular were gathered together and alone in female circles to support each other at different times of the lunar and menstrual cycles, holding space for their sisters.

Not only were they the main visionaries and keepers of the tribe but also women held the family and community health and well being, joy and sadness. They were considered sacred because women have the power of creation and healing by nature🙏


When the main monotheistic religions started to become important in different parts of the world, there was a push for logical and lineal thinking and the tradition of sharing wisdom in circles got gradually lost.

During the last years, the western world has rediscovered this tradition and is slowly getting back and being known to the public.


In this women circle we will connect to the roots of these ancient rituals and bring back our Divine Feminine force though different exercises and talks, using tools from shamanic and pagan traditions💚




Tickets available through PayPal (Elisa González Valle,

25 Euro



all the materials for the circle, snacks and water. Comfortable meditation pillows to sit


What to bring:

your diary or journal


Organiser: Eli Glezvalle , Shamanic practitioner. 


Eli is specially motivated to work with women that want to get deeper into their femininity and reclaim their power back. In her women circles she incorporates different elements and rituals from Shamanism, traditions from Paganism and also old Witchcraft. She encourages women to learn different technics to use in their daily life and also offers intimate appointments and small groups to work more closely with their bodies as a way of art, acceptance and freedom. 

“The most important message I want to share with women is about self love and get back to our true female magic. Women have been suppressed for so long in their sexuality, rights and freedom that we still carry a wound in our DNA through all our women ancestors. 

It is time for a deep healing and a new age to rediscover the lost Goddess principle of Nature as it was in its original form for humans and reconnect to our sacred femininity.”