Medicine Plants and Psychedelics Lecture


by Shaman Hawk from North America


Saturday 1th of February 2020


4pm - 8pm 



Sacred plants have been used by shamans and medicine men for thousand of years across many ancient traditions and indigenous tribes.

They have helped those native people to cure diseases and encounter spirits from other dimensions and obtain knowledge and information that was useful to survive and develop as a community.


During the last years these plants have been rediscovered by the public and mainstream media. On the one hand, the plants have helped many people that went through traumatic experiences and have done a great work for humans to reconnect to the message of the sacred medicine. On the other hand, a psychedelic tourism is emerging and many other people have had bad experiences with those plants, as there were not handled by responsible shamans or teachers prepared to bring people into those trips.


Shaman Hawk has a long experience dealing with different sacred plants, its effect on the human body, mind and spirit and how these trips can be a wonderful experience or it can be dangerous if they are not done within the right environment. He has trained other young shamans in North America to prepare them to bring people go through these ceremonies in a responsible and careful way.


In this lecture, he will explain both sides of advantages and dangers of the sacred plants and how to choose an environment that is safe for you and how to make the best of this experience.




• Ceremonies with sacred plants used by native people: purpose, origins

• Different sacred plants and effects: Ayahuasca, Peyote, Psilocybin Mushroom...

• Benefits for spiritual growth and inter dimensional aspects of the journey

• Dark side and dangers of the psychedelic tourism

• How to choose a safe place and environment using geomancy and other tools


Open questions


Participants will receive an open questionnaire to answer before the lecture in the best case, so Shaman Hawk will have an idea of the experiences and interest of the people and will propose a time for open questions and discussion.



Saturday, 1th February



4pm - 8pm


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55 Euro —> Early Bird: 45 Euro -until 11January


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About Shaman Hawk


Shaman Hawk started his Shamanic journey at the age of 6 in 1964 with a traditional training from his family after experienced some dreams and information from spirits.

He trained during 10 years under the Native American traditions of Seneca and Mohawk and proofed himself in his journey independently after that for more than 40 years. He was also trained with old German Shamanism which was common before Christianity.

Hawk has a world wide reputation for a wide variety of activities in ceremonies, personal coaching, healing, clearing of negative energies, dream interpretation, divination and much more.

In his private appointments in Düsseldorf he offers help and guidance to his clients with different technics including stone reading, energy healing, drumming, past life regression, clearing massages and coaching.

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